We offer a wide variety of Granicrete options for all the flat surfaces in your home or business.


With Granicrete countertop system you have a endless looks and colors that can be created with a concrete system that is made to bond to most surfaces. We can start from scratch or coat over your existing surfaces.

Aurastone is another counter system offered that allows us to be more creative and detailed when it comes to a customer who wants something unique.
Both systems will be seamless and porous free, thus being very stain resistant. Both systems can be repaired instead of replaced if something were to happen to them.


With Granicrete flooring we offer a grout free option to your flooring needs. We can make it look like a tile, stone, or brick without actually having a real groutline in it. We can also give you seamless options no matter how big the floor.

The concrete flooring options are made to go indoors or outdoors. Great for patios and any other areas where the plain old concrete just isn't cutting it.
We offer a epoxy floor called Metallix. It is a high gloss epoxy floor made to look like a variety of different metals.

We also offer all the traditional epoxy floors the world has grown to know. It is not the type you can just go buy in the store and will hold up if installed up a trained professional.

Wall FX

Wall Fx is Granicrete's plaster wall system that can be done in any color and a variety of different textures.

Shower FX

Granicrete's answer for you shower.  Granicrete eliminates the chance of mold and mildew by not having actual grout in the system. We create a concrete surface that looks like it has grout but is actually concrete all the way through that is sealed by a non porous sealer. Looks are endless and no one will have a shower exactly like yours.

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